Property purchase in Spain

Our Firm offers a wide range of services in the areas of Conveyance, Sales and Acquisitions, Construction, Development, Estate Investment, Banking, Finance, Mortgages, Lease and Rentals. In order to grant our private or corporate clients a safe and smooth completion when buying a property in Spain, we offer a Special Service Package, which includes:

  • Checking if the property is free of charges, debts, encumbrances and tenants
  • Negotiating for our clients the best possible terms of the private sales agreement
  • Drafting and signing a sales agreement with the other party
  • Checking out the “minimum reference value”
  • Preparing Release of Title-Deeds (Escritura) at the Notary Public
  • Signing Deeds on clients behalf or assisting clients on signing
  • Providing in every moment the best possible legal and fiscal advice
  • Prepare and lodge the necessary tax declarations
  • Carry out inscription of clients as new owners in the Land Registry and Catastro

After completion, we usually hand over to our clients the complete file, including: original title deeds, balance of transaction, updated land registry report, original tax-returns, invoices from Notary Public, Land Registry etc. Notwithstanding, if clients prefer us to custody their documents, we do so for free during one year