The Team formation

Our Firm has already been going for more than ten years and keeps continuing to expand. This is because we like to assist potential law candidates and we look carefully at any application received from trainee and qualified Lawyers, Economists and administrative personnel who have a vocation in our areas of expertise. The most important requirements are: excellent legal skills, ability to integrate into our Company’s Teamwork Philosophy and being fluent in at least two European languages. Potential candidates for employment as Lawyers need a profound knowledge of European Law and the Law of one further European Country.
If you share our values and would like to become part of MMB please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail with your application together with your CV, including qualifications and references to:

Vocational Experience and Training

We are deeply committed to the professional training of young lawyers, who wish to work, learn and serve society in the law profession. With this aim MMB work with Murcia University and various European Universities each year to take on students who are at the stage of their obligatory practical experience in a law office.
MMB Lawyers are certified by the Escuela de Practica Juridica de Murcia to undertake the practical training of new lawyers.
Every trainee is linked with an experienced tutor who will help with their practical experience in the fields of judicial and procedural Law, as well as acquiring knowledge in other fields such as office organisation, case drafting and the use of the most advanced technology available to lawyers.
To apply for practical experience please do not hesitate to contact us at: