We are conscious of the need to meet deadlines to ensure our aim of professional and efficient service is met. Our efficiency guarantees each case is dealt with quickly and effectively. To ensure that we operate to our maximum capacity all our offices are equipped with up to date equipment and all the latest mediums available in the market.

The international character of MMB

With our knowledge of the World and European markets, which are becoming more closely linked each day, our Lawyers are skilled in different aspects of the Law in various countries, and the majority of our Lawyers, besides speaking Spanish are fluent in other European languages such as English, German, French and Dutch and are specialists in private international Law.

The basic principles of MMB

Our clients can be confident that our work is based on the principles of ensuring that our Lawyers have the highest judicial qualifications. For this reason our professional values include a continued commitment to training of the highest standard and an unconditional loyalty to our clients.

Team work in MMB

Each case that is taken on by MMB is allocated a team of specialist Lawyers with the appropriate knowledge and experience in the relevant judicial and fiscal areas. This Team will continue in place for the duration of the case. Because of this work ethic we can guarantee that each facet of the case is examined by a professional expert in that particular area. The teamwork and the continuous exchange of information and ideas assists us to offer taylor made solutions for all our cases.

MMB’s professional secret

Our professional secret is, above all, the commitment to maintain the strictest confidentiality for our clients. This principle forms the basis of our obligation to ensure confidence and trust between our clients and our Lawyers . We strongly believe that this confidential relationship guarantees the best possible solution in the interests of the client.

Information for the client

Our office is formed as a concern of judicial services. This involves offering judicial work of the highest quality together with the best information available. The Specialist Team who work on each of the cases will be managed by a Senior Lawyer, who will keep you informed on the progress of your case. Our promise to all our clients is that we will ensure the best outcome possible.

Security of costs

Before we take on a commission, MMB will give each client a report and estimate summarising the possibilities, the approximate duration and the cost of the case. We can offer payment terms such as fixed fee or monthly payments to companies, self employed persons and our regular clients. The cost of our services depends of the volume of work, the complexity of the commission and the degree of responsibility assumed.